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An Important Message from SCA ICCC

The Dear ICCC Member:

SCA International Cultural Connections Club needs to hold a special election to replace our President, Vice President and Secretary. Our leadership team serves a 2 year term so our replacement leaders will serve in 2024 and a regular elections will take place next year. 

Any member interested in serving in one of the vacant positions please contact Bob Bush at 702-379-5974 by Thursday January 25th 2024. 

We really need more member participation.  Especially someone to take the secretary position.

Debbie Bush has stepped forward as a candidate for President and Phyll Perry has stepped forward as a candidate for Vice President and Secretary if no other candidates step forward.  Judy Gorum will continue to serve her remaining year as Treasurer. 

10 days prior to the election a final list of candidates will be emailed to the membership. 

Election will take place at 10 am, Thursday February 8th 2024 in the Green room at Anthem Center. The vote will be by a show of hands of those members in attendance. 

Our retiring officers have done a tremendous job and given ICCC many great events. Thank you Rheda Fisher, Beth Ludd and Vanessa Taylor for a job well done!!

Let’s come together and keep this great club going!

Bob Bush

ICCC Election committee